Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trip 4 2011 - Mothers Day/Anniversary Camping

Platte River Valley Observation Tower
Sometimes the harder you push the slower you go, there's just no two ways around it.  The one part about camping that stresses me a bit is getting out the door and on the road to our destination.  There's always something that comes up or that doesn't go a quick or as smooth as planned and it slows us down.  It's not really a problem for anyone else but me and its my stresser, I need to take a load off and relax when were trying to get out the door BUT getting there and getting set up before dark is always my goal AND the sooner you get there and get set up the SOONER you can relax and enjoy...   SOOOO enough about that...

Pond and Waterfall along the trails at Mahoney
 Mahoney State Park is very beautiful in the Spring, new leaves, flowers blooming, the smell of the great outdoors, waterfalls, streams, ponds and nature in general.  Its a great time of year to visit this park and its not so crowded that it becomes a tourist trap type of place.  We've visited Mahoney several times in the past and always try to stay here OUTSIDE of the season.  The season being between and including Memorial Day to Labor Day...  This park is SO popular and there is SO much to do here including a wave pool, theater, horseback riding etc. that it often becomes a "tourist trap" to me and not so much fun when all the people are right on top of each other.  Don't get me wrong, this is a great park and fun to visit, its just that I don't like it when its filled to capacity...  Which wasn't this time...

Our Home for the Weekend #15

When we reserved this campground last week there were only a few reserevable sites left so we chose this one cause it had an open spot on each side of us and we hoped our camping friends could come.  Turns out Jodi and Bernie took the site on one side of us but the Johnsons couldn't make it and the site on the other side of us stayed open.  The sites were none too big but I was able to hang off the back end of the site just enought to make it all comfortable, coundn't have gotten anything any further back in the site cause of the hilly landscape, but then again I didn't need to. 

A couple of HAPPY Campers

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this weekend during the campout as well as celebrating Mother's Day.  I LOVE, I repeat, I LOVE the fact that Valerie wants to camp for these occasions and wants and likes to camp in general, I am a very lucky guy to have someone like her.  She loves me for who I am and loves me for who I am not as well...  She really should be up for sainthood sometime down the line because contrairy to popular belief I am not the easiest guy in the world to live with (okay maybe I'm pretty easy) at times.  With that being said I am also a LUCKY guy to have a daughter who loves to camp as well.  I saw more smiles out of here this weekend than I have in a long time.  Yahoo, lucky me...


 It was fun to hook up with Jodi and Bernie again, we always have a good time camping together.  Beers and food and games and visiting and movies, its always good shared with people you like spending time with.  Just a side note I was the FARKLE champion for the weekend and that makes me the WIDE WORLD of CAMPING FARKLE CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS - Come get the belt if you got it in ya...  :-)

Hitting the Trail
 Saturday was a TOP TEN day of the summer, it was upper 70's with a slight breeze.  Alyssa and I took the opportunity to take a little bike ride which was nice.  She got tuckered out and I went off on my own to explore the trails at the park for an hour or so.  They really do have a nice trail system around Mahoney, it circles all the way around the park and touches all areas of the park.  Nice ride and it was nice to get a few miles in for this summer, God knows I am way behind in logging miles and exercising on the bike but I felt this was a good start.

Flying Old Glory and the SKERS too
 I do like to fly the flag on our campsite when we go, its kind of nice and it does make it easier to get back to your spot when you're out and around.  I picked up a solar powered spotlight that seemed to work well at getting light on the flag overnight so that was nice.  Now I really need to find a CUBS flag to add to the conglomeration and I'll be set with that.

Its going to be a few weeks until we get out again to camp, Memorial day to be exact but that will be more of a "roving hotel" type of a campout as we are traveling to Beemer for Valeries 25th high school reunion so there will be a LOT of activities not related to camping going on then, none the less we'll make the best of it...

Until Next Time - Safe Travels

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